DMI Stuff

So far your purchases of DMI merchandise have helped purchase:

2 Portholes, 12 assorted vintage glass floats, Commercial spindle blender, Commercial Vitamix blender, 2 Ships helm, Vintage Ship in a bottle, Taxidermied Piranha, Special effects unit, assorted bar supplies for testing purposes.... Im forgetting some other stuff.

Other stuff we already have:

Pallets of antique used Shiplap, More glass floats, industrial ice crusher........

If you want to donate or loan decor to the bar please shoot us an email at

We had to completely gut our basement right after we bought our house here in Astoria almost 2 years ago. It was a bummer, but its turned into a blessing as we are putting it back together right now and building a little mini DMI test bar to test out some ideas. We'll post pictures as it comes together.





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