Welcome to Dead Man's Isle......

Dead Man's Isle is a new bar experience brought to you by Munktiki. It will be located in old downton Astoria, OR.

Munktiki has 17+ years of experience in the Tiki/Cocktail Mug scene. Its only natural to progress into opening a full fledged Themed Tiki Bar. 

Astoria is a small town. It relies heavily on tourism. Dead Man's Isle aims to hit numerous aspects of Astoria's unique tourism. Its Coastal History... Lots of Nautical flair. Goonies.. many nods to the movie.  Alcohol... lots of beer here in this town (6 breweries) and we aim to bring a high end cocktail experience containing all the main points of what makes Astoria, Astoria.

Not until Miles and his Family relocated to Astoria from Portland did he realize the subliminal pull of the Goonies.  Because of this you will notice many nods to the movie. Like the mascot, the Dead Man, who reminds us of another One Eyed character. The mug "Never Say Die", which just so happens to be an actual Tiki cocktail from BeachBum Berry's Total Tiki app. Cool coincidence, huh?

Dead Man's Isle aims to give a unique experience. Enjoy high end Tiki cocktails in an eerie ghostly beachcomber style setting. Expect to be transported via special effects, Club mysteries, Delicious elixirs and food....The Dead Man himself will be at the bar, only revealing himself when his signature cocktail is ordered. At its core the bar will be sort of a functional gallery, focusing highly on Munktiki mugs. All the while becoming absorbed in the story and elixirs that the space provides.

The plan was to be launched by summer 2018, but plans change. Rather than keep it secret any longer we figured we'd let the cat out of the bag in hopes to garner more support. We have a very loose launch date now and are taking our time. In the meantime we are listing Dead Man's Isle merchandise as it comes out to give an extra boost to finances once we are ready and have a solid location. All purchases of Dead Man's Isle merchandise go directly towards the build of the bar. We are investing our own money, as well as seeking investors on top of these sales.

We hope to have a nice business plan put together very soon for investors so, If you are interested in becoming an investor please contact us at


More Info will be revealed soon!  In the meantime keep an eye out for exclusive DMI merchandise here at Munktiki-Astoria!